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Cigar Caddy® Cigar Tube, 1 cigar capacity



Cigar Caddy® Cigar Tube, 1 cigar capacity

The Cigar Caddy® Cigar Tube is a convenient and practical accessory for cigar enthusiasts who enjoy smoking on the go. This cigar tube is designed to protect your cigars, preventing them from being damaged while you travel or attend various events. The ability to carry your cigars securely to parties, tailgates, or out camping adds a level of convenience for those who appreciate a good smoke in different environments. Only attending a dinner party and need one of your favorite cigars? We offer a single tube that fits nicely in your pocket, sports coat, or purse.

  • One (1) cigar capacity
  • The size and lightweight design allow for easy mobility.
  • Weatherproof and crushproof tubes can withstand elements and physical damage, made of black ABS these tubes are extremely durable.
  • Constructed with a secure lid for tight sealing and protection of contents.
  • Will securely hold one cigar up to 60-ring gauge.
  • Customizable through the Swag Bunker Program to promote a brand or personalize a gift.
  • Both the CC-CT1 or one count/one finger and CC-CT3 (three cigar) have an internal cigar capacity of up to a 60-ring gauge in diameter and up to 8.0" in length with telescopic stops 6.5", 7.0" and 7.5"

Cigar aficionados will find the Cigar Caddy® Cigar Tube has a textured finish to help prevent scuffs and scratches and to provide a sure grip while handling. With the ability to hold cigars up to 60-ring gauge and with an internal adjustable locking mechanism, each tube can hold various sizes of your favorite cigars.