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XIKAR® Flip Dual Cigar Cutter

SKU P-XI-160


XIKAR® Flip Dual Cigar Cuttercaters to the diverse preferences of cigar aficionados, offering both a deep V-Cut and a traditional Straight Cut in one sleek and portable design.

  • Dual V and straight cuts
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Spring-loaded release
  • Deep 64-ring gauge V-Cut
  • Perfect 64-ring gauge straight cut
  • Based on the classic VX2 design
  • Supported by the XIKAR® Limited Lifetime Warranty

The XIKAR® Flip Dual Cigar Cutter incorporates stainless steel blades capable of handling 64-ring gauge cigars with precision. The dual cutting options ensure an optimal depth for both V-Cut and Straight Cut, providing an ample draw without compromising the cigar cap. The V-Cut design is based on the classic XIKAR® VX2 cutter engineered with an inverted stainless steel blade providing inward pressure to the cap of the cigar during the cut, preventing the cigar cap from expanding and splitting.

The cutter features the Secure-Lock system, a user-friendly spring-loaded release mechanism that enables one-handed operation for added convenience. By applying pressure to both sides and releasing the buttons, the XIKAR® Flip Dual Cutter is easily maneuvered with your thumb and index finger allowing cigar connoisseurs to seamlessly switch between a V-Cut or Straight Cut. Other highlights include the side trigger button complementing color finishes which add style, as well as the textured surface giving the cutter a luxurious feel and a firm grip.

Crafted with an aluminum body, the XIKAR®Flip Dual Cutter is both comfortable to hold and sturdy, measuring 1.79” wide, 0.66” deep, and 3.07” in length (45.5 x 17 x 78 mm). The bottom of the cutter is texturized, providing stability on most surfaces, while the top serves as a cigar rest due to its slight curvature. Consumers will soon realize the XIKAR®Flip Dual Cutter is more than a double feature!