Cigar Caddy® 5ct

$24.99 to $44.99


The world’s most durable travel humidors, precision engineered for people on the go. Airtight, waterproof and crush proof. They come with one humidifier disc, and feature; super-strong molded plastic, stainless steel hinge and latch hinges, locking clasp, molded lock ring for extra security and high density urethane foam to cradle and protect cigars.

Experience the ultimate in cigar preservation with the Cigar Caddy 5 Count. This portable humidor is designed for aficionados who demand both quality and convenience. Whether you're on a weekend getaway or attending a special event, the Cigar Caddy 5 Count ensures your favorite stogies stay fresh and flavorful.

Crafted with precision, this humidor boasts a 5-cigar capacity, making it the perfect companion for enthusiasts who appreciate a well-curated selection. The compact and durable design ensures that your cigars are protected from external elements, maintaining their optimal condition.

The Cigar Caddy 5 Count features a reliable humidification system, guaranteeing that each cigar is stored at the perfect humidity level. This attention to detail ensures a consistent and enjoyable smoking experience every time you reach for a cigar.

Designed with portability in mind, the Cigar Caddy 5 Count is equipped with a secure closure mechanism, providing peace of mind during travel. The sleek and stylish exterior adds a touch of sophistication to your cigar collection, making it a must-have accessory for discerning enthusiasts.

  • 5 cigar capacity
  • 8 13⁄16"w x 5 3⁄16"d x 2"h

Also available in extra large 5ct size, (HUM-CC5-XL, select Black XL )

  • 5 large ring cigar capacity
  • 7 7/8"w x 5 ¼"d x 1 ½"h
  • 20% larger than HUM-CC-5