Cigar Locker Humidor



Humidor Supreme® Cigar Locker Humidor- this commercial humidor has the capacity to safely store up to 5000 cigars and accessories for your patrons.

  • Cigar storage capacity of up to 5,000 cigars
  • Dimensions: 38"w x 18"d x 76"h | 965 x 447 x 1930
  • 12 compartments with lock and key with each section slotted for air circulation
  • Two large compartments at the base for extra storage
  • Stylish crown molding
  • Two adjustable European hinges on each door
  • Solid, chrome pull knobs adorn each locker
  • Interior is designed with two A/C outlets
  • Includes 14 engraving plates
  • Must ship via LTL
  • Recommend two HYDRA® Large electronic humidification and fan kits

The Cigar Locker Humidor is a sophisticated solution for cigar enthusiasts seeking the perfect storage for their prized collection. With meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design, these humidors ensure your cigars remain fresh and flavorful for the ultimate smoking experience. Whether you're a casual smoker or a connoisseur, investing in a high-quality humidor is essential for preserving the integrity of your cigars. Our selection offers a range of sizes and styles to suit any preference, from sleek modern designs to classic, elegant finishes. Say goodbye to dry, brittle cigars and hello to perfectly aged, perfectly preserved tobacco. Elevate your cigar game with a Cigar Locker Humidor today.