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Xikar Revolution Cigar Cutter

$159.99 to $250.00


At a glance its design portrays hints of classic Xikar blended with new tech, the Xikar revolution makes you rethink exactly how a cigar should be cut.

This cutter has no handles, it does NOT use compression action ( LIKE EVERY OTHER CUTTER) and the blades run/close synchronously to the millimeter. It is the only cutter that uses springs to provide power assistance for effortless, precise, and consistent cuts. The size of the cutter is convenient to fit into the pocket and also to cut big ring gauge cigars but delicate enough to splice the smallest of cigarillos. The cutter also has a finger stabilizer for those with smaller hands or limited dexterity. Xikar made sure the cutter has some of the sharpest blades available and the cutter is backed by Xikar's limited Lifetime warranty.



  • Rotary action Cigar cutter
  • No handles
  • Spring Assisted cutting.
  • Synchronous blade movement
  • Finger stabilizer / carabiner hole
  • Cuts Up To 70 Ring Gauge cigars
  • Extra Sharp blades
  • Cuts cigars with surgical precision
  • Premium texture and quality feel
  • Backed by limited lifetime warranty