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Palió® Tazza Piccola Ashtray



Palió® Tazza Piccola Ashtray - New Smaller Size!

This compact, all-metal, four-cigar rest personal ashtray is set to ship this summer, providing cigar aficionados with a clean and stylish smoking experience. Key features that make the Palió® Tazza Piccola Ashtray stand out from competitors are:

  • Spacious and Portable:With a 7.1” diameter, the ashtray provides enough space for four cigars, ideal for group settings and its portable design is convenient for various occasions. The dimensions of 7.1”w x 7.1”l x 3.7”h | 180 x 180 x 93 mm make it larger than many of the competitors personal ashtrays.
  • Deep Bowl Design:The 3” deep bowl design is windproof, a practical feature that helps maintain a clean smoking environment by preventing ashes and debris from blowing out.
  • Color Variety: The availability of Black, Blue, Copper, Red, and Stainless Steel colors add a touch of personal style, allowing users to choose an option that suits their preferences or the occasion.
  • Resilient All-Metal Construction: Crafted with all-metal construction, the ashtray is durable and resilient. Its resistance to rust and easy-clean features contribute to its long-lasting usability.
  • Four Cigar Rests:The 4 cigar rests are integrated into the rim of the durable one-piece bowl design and cradle your cigars securely. The cigar rests will accommodate up to four, 70-ring-gauge cigars.
  • Customization Option:The ability to laser engrave the rim of the ashtray adds a personalized touch, making it a unique and customized gift for cigar enthusiasts.